Saturday, October 13, 2012

Still Here

Hello everyone hope all is well with each and everyone of you. I have not recorded in a little over a month had alot going on. My friend Lisa I spoke of who had been diagnosed with cancer had passed away only 4 months after her diagnosis and a month after her 45th birthday. Needless to say that sent me into many different directions I am still knitting in fact I started the Sleepy Hallow shawl once I recieved my awesome B.A.M. kit from Lois of Knittings My Bag. I have also been sewing up a storm and spending time with my friend Debbie I helped her get a sewing room together and she has been doing great making all kinds of woderful things with her new machine. I have been watching podcasts and checking on all the groups. I have missed VKN nites and am looking forward to getting back into the knitting world. Keep knitting get crafting the Holidays are on the way. I have made some halloween pillow cases for my grandson to take trick or treating will show you those soon.

Much Love to you all
I'm still watching and loving them all

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