Thursday, May 2, 2013

My TV Services

Well hello everyone I had to go ahead and change my cable service just couldn't stand having such a cost. Well I went and called Directv and spoke to a great little girl named Britney. She was so nice a fast talker but got me everything I needed and @ a super low cost. Now I have the NFL package as well sooooo excited about that one I was so delighted with they way this girl handled everything I had to go ahead and ask to speak to her supervisor Daniel. I asked him to please make sure she gets a certificate for awesomeness!!! this girll was on POINT people. It's always a good day when you can
call and actually speak to somene who knows the game and can get you what you are asking for with no bull added. Loved this just wish there were more people out there with her attitude. Well thats it for me tonite from my home to yours have a great nite people. When all else fails pick up the needles and knit yourself something sexy.

I Have Returned

Monday, April 29, 2013

Knitting and More

I have finally decided to start talking knitting again video casts as well as things goin gon in life. I have been busy with many things in my life good bad and some ugly. I have found that it may be beneficial for not only myself but you as well. I have knit a few scarves still trying the sock thing which has yet to come to me to finish. I am so happy to say I have a sweater just about finished. I have the sleeves and then collar and trim and its done. The sweater is one by Hannah Fedig (forgive my spelling) The Effortless Cardigan which can be found on a wonderful site for all knitting and crocheting crafters alike a great community of love and passion for crafts.
I will be podcasting again starting May 1, 2013 with much to show and chat about. Hope to inspire you as well as share with you the many other casters out there.

Much Love
Always Hungryforyarn