Saturday, October 13, 2012

Still Here

Hello everyone hope all is well with each and everyone of you. I have not recorded in a little over a month had alot going on. My friend Lisa I spoke of who had been diagnosed with cancer had passed away only 4 months after her diagnosis and a month after her 45th birthday. Needless to say that sent me into many different directions I am still knitting in fact I started the Sleepy Hallow shawl once I recieved my awesome B.A.M. kit from Lois of Knittings My Bag. I have also been sewing up a storm and spending time with my friend Debbie I helped her get a sewing room together and she has been doing great making all kinds of woderful things with her new machine. I have been watching podcasts and checking on all the groups. I have missed VKN nites and am looking forward to getting back into the knitting world. Keep knitting get crafting the Holidays are on the way. I have made some halloween pillow cases for my grandson to take trick or treating will show you those soon.

Much Love to you all
I'm still watching and loving them all

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My words mixed up in my podcast

About Episode 10

I sad that SHK podcast has over 400 viewers when I meant in her group!!!! I am very sorry for that and this is where editing should have come into place. SHK Podcast group has over 400 her viewing of her podcast was not what I meant at all. Sorry everyone. Forgive me Mel and anyone else I may have confused.

Episode 10 A Change Up

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Menapause Minute

Someting else for Menapause

I thought I should also mention some products out there one you may have seen the commercials for called  Cool- Ezz ? not sure if that's the name anyway then there are products that came out that you can put in your pillow case and something or the bed but if you ae like me and have a man that suffers from being so cold because we need to stay cool to sleep the pillow case would be best. I also take that cool pack to the bed with me to help me sleep when the a/c and fas are just not helping. Good Luck

Saturday, June 16, 2012

On Friday myself and a few friends went out for a drive decided to go to one of our local libraries and to my surprise we came across Yarn Bombing right there at the Library. These yarn bombers whoever they were, were very clever little buggers they knit around each stop sign in green making them look like flowers even went as far as putting leaves on them. Loved it I will have to go back and take photos and post here. This my friends of the knitting and crochet world was my very first yarn bomb visual other than seeing it all over the net. Was so funny I yelled ohhh look YARN BOMBERS were here and just about everyone in the car and parking lot jumped and said where? where's the bomb? LOL I had to then explain all ab out the idea of making things beautiful and well then of course everyone took notice and thought ohhh what a wonder idea. I hated to leave there without giving a littel touch of my own but needless to say I did. Melbourne FLorida is now becoming a yarn bomb location and I love it!!! Yarn with so many colors and textures and ideas just think of the many ways to bring people together. A Bomb that never hurts anyone only makes us smile   Just imagine if everyone could get along like crafters do.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Day At The Beach

Today was National Knit in Public Day so I went to the beach here in Melbourne Florida along with my beautiful new bag from Lois of Knittings My Bag and had the greatest time. My LLSS{LaLa Simple Shawl} was so happy to be out and about meeting all kinds of people she almost didn't want to come home. I told her we had to go soon because of the dark clouds that were rolling in. She wanted to cry but I told her not to worry we will come out again. I made her this promise that she can come out with me again and when she is all grown up she can go out as much as she wants. We had a great time together she even had some fun looking at the ocean enjoying a Liptons Brisk Tea. Photos will soon follow.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Audio Issues

I am working on my sound issues I went and picked up another lappy. So I hope this will be fine for now if it seems to be to much of an issue I can re-record this episode. Just let me know Thank You

Episode 4

Saturday, May 26, 2012

First episode boo boos

Hello everyone I want to say I realize there were some issues with my video I was speaking of Leslie moving and said Laura I also see that where I was trying to tell everyone about it but it was way early in the podcast. I will get things right the nxt show. Thanks for watching and if there are any questions or comments you can post them here or on my Ravelry Group. Thank You

Friday, May 25, 2012

Episode 1 Lets Get This Started !

Testing 1 2 3


This is a test
In preparation for a podcast unlike the rest.

Coming to a blog, blip, and Itunes near you ..... Let's Talk About Knitting PODCASTS with yours truly!