Sunday, April 13, 2014

Getting Busy

Well Hello everyone I do hope the start of a beautiful season of sunshine and flowers has you all looking for some exciting things to knit while outside. I myself have been getting busy knitting a few hats for some that have asked. A baby hat for a darling little girl who lives down the street she looks adorable in pink or did I pick pink because it is one of my many favorite colors, the pink I speak of is not just any ordinary run of the mill pink this my friends came from Leading Men Fiber Arts and can I say WOW!  The other yarn I had purchased from them was a purple so dark and lovely and so soft in my hands. I had to wait to see what these two amazing hanks wanted to be they both were a little jealous of each other so to make them happy I made them each become something of the same the Mairi Tam by Wendy D. Johnson. The one was for the adorable little girl and the other went to a woman named Mary and both were extremely happy with what they received. Thank You to Leading Men Fiber Arts for dying wonderful colors. I stated I am making myself busy knitting  but I had also taken to hand quilting a blanket for my grandson Spiderman and also Batman that little boy loves his super heros . I had also made him pillow cases to match. I am going to crochet a baby blanket as well as knit up another scarf all lacey fun. I love lace the fine yarn intrigues me. Estonian Lace is something I want to master there are 5 cakes of yarn purchased from Estonia sitting waiting for me to take hold of. Poor things just sitting there saying put me on your needles run me through your fingers as we magically become a wonderful shawl. They say they want to become a long shawl full of nupps and open lace work but so light and airy for all to admire. Oh the choices the many yarns I have speak to me wanting me to pick them so yes I am getting busy this year. I have started knitting outside enjoying the sunshine the breeze the sound of the birds singing as well as the children playing in the park. I can hear the cars and trucks go fly by but I block that hustle and bustle out and just enjoy my coffee and knit away to the sounds of nature. I hope you find a way to enjoy your knitting it's a peaceful relaxing way to either start or end your day. I love nature and all it's creatures so there for I KNIT.

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